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A Warm Cambridgeshire Escorts Welcome

The only thing of importance to us at Cambridgeshire escorts is that you enjoy the very best in dating experiences, enjoying the utmost in pleasure as you revel in the company of a sexy, dazzling escort beauty. There is nothing better than a sensual massage from a beautiful and nubile young woman to stir the soul and it is surprising how little it costs to have the pinnacle of all girlfriend experiences.

Cambridgeshire escorts are stunning girls all immersed in the art of seduction and ready to bring you to a new high of dating pleasure. And whilst the girls are all sexy stunners we know that you like to recline in the company of a girl whose personality is attuned to yours. That’s why we have carefully selected our ravishing Cambridgeshire escorts so that whatever kind of girl and girlfriend experience is on your mind we know we have the right date for you – blonde bombshells, surfer girls, college girls, exotic women from the far flung corners of the earth and more all brought together for your dating pleasure!

We are never happy coming second and so you will find a whole range of additional services and guarantees with Cambridgeshire escorts. For example we pride ourselves on punctuality – if you have booked a visiting escort to your hotel room door for eight in the evening then that is when she will arrive; the girl you have set your heart on and selected is the girl who will wend her way to you; the fee you agree is the price you pay... there is more, so much more so please peruse our site and hopefully we will be serving you soon as a client of the number one escort agency in Cambridgeshire!

The Best Girls

There comes a time when there are no more superlatives left to use – beautiful, sublimely sexy, vivaciousness, girl next door charm, ravishingly attractive, a stunning smile, physical perfection itself – but the busty escorts from Cambridgeshire escorts really are that special. These paragons of sexiness really do enjoy meeting new people and giving them an intensely pleasurable experience. We receive endless expressions of appreciation from fully satisfied clients who have just had a sensual massage par excellence... The only way to truly fathom the mystery and elegance, the charm and allure of these dazzling beauties is to book one of them and find out for your good self. Of course there is more to a woman’s allure than mere physical beauty, though that is where a red blooded male will obviously begin his quest for the ideal woman, and with the girls from Cambridgeshire escorts you get the added bonus of fun loving personalities and much more to boot! We have demure ladies and saucy wenches available, elegant and mysterious creatures looking for a date and feisty fillies that will light up a room. For an escort service above the rest call Cambridgeshire escorts.

Gret Service - Our Promise to You

Unless you have confidence in a service provider you will not use them and we fully appreciate that in the escort business that trust has to be earned and deserved. The many loyal and returning men and women who enjoy the company of our special, sexy girls are testament to our customer focussed approach! Read the reviews on the web site where many a good word is not said in vain and we are proud that our escort beauties have set the standard in the county.

When booking an escort we would ask you to consider the following? Has the agency been around for some time or is it fly by night? Does the website have contact details so that you can easily get in touch should there be an unexpected issue? Have any of the pictures been photoshopped? Will the girl I choose be the same girl I see on my date? Is that really the fee or am I in for a surprise? Cambridgeshire escorts can answer all of your questions and more, positively. A fee is a fee! A girl is the girl! The pics are genuine! We are here for you day and night! We have been around for what seems like forever and are trusted and respected by clients and competitors alike.

For a hassle and stress free way to spend an hour or two with a gorgeous escort call Cambridgeshire escorts right now.

Low Cost

What price complete relaxation? How much for friendly, intimate companionship? Is it really possible to enjoy a sensual massage from a lovely model in my lounge or executive suite for a reasonable outlay? The answer to all three questions is a resounding ‘yes’ when you book an escort from Cambridgeshire escorts. Your actual fee is decided by the stunning escort you wish to book during your first contact – as a guide you should be thinking in the region of one hundred and twenty five pounds an hour with discounts for an extended date. We think you will agree that the costs involved in booking a ravishingly sexy escort are incredibly low – it can cost as much to fill up a tank of diesel in the four by four these days! Ultimately can you really put a price on pleasure? Book a Cambridgeshire escort and sit back in your arm chair happy knowing that you will soon be enjoying time with one of the best escorts in the county at a best value price!

About Town

Cambridgeshire is an enormous county with much to see and do. We couldn’t possibly give you the full run down on our beautiful area in these few pages but we do try to give you a taster in the town guides where we pick out our favourite restaurants, gastro pubs and the like and also try to pass on a little bit of cultural stuff as well. How nice are we? We know of course that locals will probably be pulling out their teeth because a favourite pub has been passed over or the very best curry house in Palmers Green is somehow omitted... (Please get in touch if you take umbrage with our personal choices and give us your own top restaurant and pub tips!) For folk new to the region we hope the information we provide will help to enhance your dating pleasure or at least give you something to do during the day as you anticipate a super sexy evening with a Cambridgeshire escort!


When you work for such a fabulous escort agency as Cambridgeshire escorts you can begin to take beauty, charm, grace and poise for granted seeing as you are constantly surrounded by sexy sirens. Tall girls and short girls, slim girls and curvy girls, blondes and oh so pretty brunettes... Yes, we know what you’re thinking, it must be hell... Anyway, when we read the many complimentary reviews and the excellent constructive feedback we receive from our clients it reminds us that the girls of Cambridgeshire escorts are something else again! To leave a review just use the submit a review section on each individual profile page – go on, the girls love to hear from satisfied clients...

'Letters of Love'

“Letters of Love” about the sexy bed hopping antics of an off duty Cambridgeshire escort are fruity fantasies written by the more literary minded folk here at the agency, well at least they pretend to know Dickens from Disney, as well as some of the artistic types amongst the escorts themselves. They are light hearted and we happen to think at least a little horny and they portray a world of fast women and even faster sex! With a fair wind you may even find them at least in part diverting and if you have any plot ideas we are always open to – unpaid – suggestions!



Letters of love

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  • Over on another blog I began to put together a dictionary with a focus on desire. Words such as amour, beautiful, cute, delicious and exciting have all featured so far. Today the emphasis is on the letter ‘f’ and for me that always stands for fun-loving, as well as flirtacious and of course the stuff of dreams, fantasy. Not every woman is ‘fun-loving’ in my experience. In fact, some can be downright moody. I once dated a girl who seemed to take pleasure from being miserable and making me feel exactly the same way as she did. To be fair to...

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  • I am as sceptical of the idea of five a day as I am of the idea of four units of alcohol a day. I am convinced that in both cases the numbers are at best a guess and at worst some kind of conspiracy! Let me explain. Five a day refers to the amount of fruit and vegetable portions that you should consume if you are to be healthy. As with every pronouncement from on high it only tells part of the story as some fruits are more nutritious than others and some vegetables need to be consumed in...

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  • 28th September 2014

  • You can always rely on Nietzche to ruin the mood. I have been researching desire: what it is and what it means to most of us. Of course my studies have taken me on a journey through the forests of poetry, the rugged landscapes of literature and the prose writings of various sexual libertines including a certain famous Marquee. What I have discovered is that desire is a beautiful, delicious yet gut wrenching thing. Desire when it is returned in equal measure can bring nothing but pleasure but when it is not reciprocated it brings nothing but pain. But what...

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